• 春节
  • 2022-11-04

在这欢乐的时节,老师给你我最真的祝福和亲切的思念,愿你新的一年比往年更璀璨!In the season of joy I present my sincere wishes and kind thoughts. May the kind of New Year outshine all the rest.


Spring Festival is the most important festival in China.春节是中国最重要的节日.It’s to celebrate the lunar calendar's new year.In the evening before the Spring Festival。

春节的英语作文80字如下。The Spring Festival is the most important traditional festival in China. It only happens once a year. On this day。

正文:The annual Spring Festival is coming again, which is a beautiful festival for Chinese people to celebrate.一年一度的春节又到了,这是中国人值得庆祝的美好节日。

1. 传统中国节日:traditional Chinese festival2. 农历:lunar calendar3. 腊八节:Laba Festival4. 小年:Little New Year5. 除夕:Lunar New Year&39;s Day8. 元宵节:the Lantern Festival9. 正月:the first month of the lunar year10. 二月二:Dragon Heads-raising Day


11. 喝腊八粥:eat Laba porridge12. 扫尘:sweep the dust13. 扫房:spring cleaning14. 祭灶:offer sacrifices to the God of Kitchen15. 守岁:staying up16. 拜年:pay a New Year&39;s ancestors18. 祭财神:worship the God of Wealth19. 春联:Spring Festival couplets20. 贴倒福:paste the Chinese character &34; upside down21. 去晦气:get rid of the ill-fortune22. 辞旧岁:bid farewell to the old year23. 兆头:omen24. 禁忌:taboo25. 烧香:burn incense


Spring Festival 春节 The Spring Festival is very important to Chinese people. In the past,people could not often have meat,rice or other delicious food. They could only eat these during the Spring festival。

and together they play each other the fireworks,with happy.Street with dragon and lion dance and some other carnival activities,CCTV will held the grand Spring Festival gala.翻译。

26. 吃团圆饭:have a family reunion dinner27. 年夜饭:New Year's Eve dinner28. 全家团圆:family reunion29. 办年货:do Spring Festival shopping30. 敬酒:propose a toast31. 穿新衣:wear new clothes32. 红包:red envelops33. 压岁钱:gift money;money given to children as a Lunar New Year gift


34. 年糕:rice cake;New Year cake35. 饺子:dumpling;Chinese meat ravioli36. 汤圆:dumplings made of sweet rice37. 八宝饭:eight-treasure rice pudding (steamed glutinous rice with bean paste,春节英语作文50词左右带翻译,lotus seeds,preserved fruit,etc.)38. 什锦糖:assorted candies39. 糖莲子:candied lotus seed40. 花生糖:peanut candy41. 蜜冬瓜:candied winter melon42. 瓜子:red melon seeds43. 金桔:cumquat44. 红枣:red dates45. 春卷:spring roll46. 冰糖葫芦:candied haws on a stick47. 驴肉火烧:donkey burger48. 腊肠:Chinese sausage49. 米酒:rice wine50. 腊肉:preserved meat51. 糖板栗:sugar chestnut52. 四喜丸子:four-joy meatballs

Chinese festivals are colorful, among which the Spring Festival is the brightest. Spring Festival, which indicates the beginning of the year, is always lively.中国的节日色彩纷呈,春节是其中最闪亮的存在。春节。


53. 泥人:clay figure54. 皮影戏:shadow puppetry55. 木偶戏:puppet show56. 刺绣:embroidery57. 剪纸:paper-cut58. 中国结:Chinese knot59. 年画:New Year painting60. 吹糖人:sugar-figure blowing61. 舞龙:dragon dance62. 舞狮:lion dance63. 秧歌:Yongko dance;rural folk dance64. 灯笼:lantern

we all fighting.译文:我的春节 今年我有一个与我的家人快乐的春节.在除夕夜,全家人聚在一起吃顿大餐.吃饭的时候,我们有一个聊天和玩游戏.感谢这个春节,它使我们的家庭团聚.我们享受自己在新的一年里我们的战斗。


65. 戏曲:traditional opera66. 折子戏:opera highlights67. 相声:comic dialogue;cross talk68. 小品:skits;sketch69. 口技:vocal imitations;ventriloquism70. 杂技:acrobatic performance71. 马戏:circus performance72. 京韵大鼓:drum song of Peking73. 踩高跷:walk on stilts74. 杂耍:variety show;vaudeville

过春节的英语作文1 Will Christmas Replace the Spring Festival?Christmas arouses increasing attention year by year in China. Christmas cards become popular with students。


1、Spring Festival The Spring Festival es after New Year's Day。It's usually in January or February。It's the Chinese New Year's Day。The Spring Festival is the biggest festival in China。

75. 打麻将:play mahjong76. 庙会:Temple Fair77. 春节联欢晚会:Spring Festival gala78. 灯会:exhibit of lanterns79. 送贺卡:sending New Year's greeting cards80. 理发:have a haircut81. 放烟花:set off fireworks82. 放鞭炮:set off firecrackers83. 灯谜:riddles written on lanterns


84. 门神:the God of Door85. 灶神:the God of Kitchen86. 财神:the God of Wealth87. 土地爷:the God of Land88. 火神:the God of Fire89. 喜神:the God of Happiness90. 福禄寿三星:the three gods of fortune,prosperity and longevity91. 八仙:the Eight Immortals


92. 生肖、属相:Chinese zodiac93. 猴年:the Year of the Monkey94. 微信红包:WeChat red envelope95. 年:Nian;Year monster96. 立春:the Beginning of Spring97. 24节气:24 Solar Terms98. 本命年:the animal year in which one was born99. 春运:Spring Festival travel rush


关于春节的英语作文范文如下:The Spring Festival is the most important festival in China. People usually decorate the doors and windows with red paper-cuts because red means good luck。

DosWish everyone you meet a happy New Year by saying “gong xi fa cai”,which translates to “Have a happy and prosperous New Year!” 对每一个你遇到的人道一声“恭喜发财”,翻译成英文就是“在新的一年里拥有幸福繁荣的生活”。Wear articles of red clothing because red symbolizes luck. 穿红色布料做成的饰品,因为红色昭示着幸运;Eat vegetarian food because it’s not good to see blood. 吃素食,因为见血是不吉利的。Buy new trousers because the Chinese word for trousers is “fu”,(Chinese homonym for wealth) 买新裤子(衣服),因为汉语里裤子就是“服”,与春节有关的英语作文50字,(在汉语里与财富的“富”谐音)。Children should stay up as late as possible on New Year’s Eve for it is believed that the later they stay up,the longer their parents will live. 孩子应该在除夕之夜尽可能晚睡,因为据说他们睡的越晚,他们的父母越长寿。(熊孩子该高兴了~)Visit family (especially those older than yourself) and friends to pass on your wishes on good fortune for the New Year. (plus kids and single people will receive lai-see lucky red packets full of money. 拜访亲戚朋友(尤其是比你年长的),传递你对他们来年幸福的美好祝愿(另外孩子和单身的人将会得到装满钱的幸运红包,称为“来喜”。)Give two lai see to each child. Because happiness comes in two’s,do not just give one. This is your way of passing good luck to the next generation. Business owners also give lai see to employees and associates. 给每个孩子两份“来喜”(应该指钱是偶数的),春节英语作文带翻译50字,因为好事成双,不要只给一份,这是你把祝愿传递给下一代的方法,企业主也要给员工和同事红包。Dont'sDon’t wear white or black clothing,since they are the traditional colours of mourning. 不要穿白色或黑色服装,因为这是传统意义上丧事的颜色。Don’t buy new shoes for the first month of the New Year,because the sound of shoe in Chinese is ‘hai’. “Hai” is similar to the sound of sighing,which Chinese believe is not a good way to start the year. 不要在新年的第一个月买新鞋,因为在汉语里鞋的发音是“孩”(好像是四川地区的发音),它与叹息“唉”相近,中国人认为这不是新年伊始的好兆头。Don’t wash your hair for the first three days of the New Year,because the Chinese word for hair is a homonym for the Chinese word for wealth. Therefore,Chinese believe it isn’t a good thing to ‘wash away your wealth’ right at the start of the New Year. 在新年的前三天里不要洗头,因为汉语里“头发”的“发”和“发财”的“发”同音.因此,中国认为在新年伊始把财富给冲走可不是好兆头。Floors may not be swept and garbage may not be disposed of on the first day of the New Year for fear of casting riches out the door. 在新年第一天,不拖地,春节日记英语作文50字,不扔垃圾,因为怕把’财’给送走了。Don’t swear or quarrel. 不要诅咒发誓,也不愿吵架,春节的英语简介50字。Don’t break any dishes,春节英语作文五十字,otherwise you may incur more misfortune for the New Year. In the event of breaking a dish,quickly say “Peace for all time”,介绍春节的英语作文50字左右,and the bad luck will be warded away. 不要打破碗碟,否则在来年你可能会遭遇不幸,一旦打破了,要马上说“岁岁平安”,这样坏运气就会被赶走了,英语春节小短文50字带翻译。Don’t greet people who are in mourning. 不要向服丧期的人们问候(主要指不要说喜庆的话吧?)Don’t drop your chopsticks. 不要让筷子掉地上。Don’t say the number “four” (Chinese homonym for death) or mention death. 不要说数字“四”(汉语里和“死”谐音)或者提到死。Don’t borrow or lend money. 不要借钱也不要借给别人钱.